This New Line Concept promo for Network Rail was produced in a mind-bending two weeks, from concept to completion!

Client: Pretzel Films
End Client: Network Rail
Concept & Director: Nick Scott, Nick Scott Studios
Production Company: Darkside Animation
Compositing: Richard Acton
Audio: Si Begg
Modelling: Dan Barker, Peet Lee, Mike Rollinson
Scene setup & Rendering: Dan Barker, Andrew Bishop, Greg Cox, Julian Davidson, Lucy Hare, Peet Lee, Vegard Myklebust, Simon Percy, Caroline Phasey & Mike Rollinson.
Character Rigging & Animation: Vegard Myklebust
Effects programming: Vegard Myklebust
Effects animation: Peet Lee, Vegard Myklebust, Julian Davidson, Dan Barker
Fluid simulation: Julian Davidson.


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