Walker is our new walkcycle generator, exclusively for messiah:studio.

It scales to fit any biped character. You can use any character rig but it is advisable to use AutoRig v.2 with it because the setup time is greatly reduced compared to when using custom rigs.

Walker should be used with version 3.0 of messiah and upwards.

Click here to see a feature overview video

Click here to view a silent usage demonstration video

Walker Tutorial video #1

Walker Tutorial video #2

Walk creation tutorial video

You can buy Walker for $100 by clicking the button below.



6 Responses to Walker

  1. Fatboy says:

    Followed Walker Tutorial. When it came to load Walker in Setup/Effects, it didn’t appear in the list. Last one is Point Reference.

    Reloaded 64bit Win. No change.

    What am I missing?

    • Vegard says:

      Did you place the Walker64.mp in the plugins directory?
      if so, and it doesn’t work, you may need to download the visual studio redistributable 2008 for 64 bit
      Does it work on the 32 bit version of messiah for you?

  2. Francois Daigle says:

    Where can I download the 64bit version of walker? I purchased walker a long time ago and have since lost the e-mail with the download link. Thanks in advance for your help 😉

  3. Eddy says:

    I was wondering… is there a way you can add a walk at a different time?
    I mean… instead of 0? Like a walk can begin at frame 30 for example?

  4. 3dbr says:

    as it is a pity that the Messiah is no more…

  5. Julian Herring says:

    I still use Messiah: Studio every day, it’s a great tool that’s easy to use.

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