Making EPIC

See examples of the work at: Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working on the rendering and effects side of Plankton Invasion, and in so doing I created a very extensive system that would go from A to as near Z without artist intervention in as many cases as possible… Continue reading Making EPIC

Help other people!

There are many reasons for why you should take the time to help out your peers in a professional or learning environment. Here are some motivators: One: Helping others helps you! If the person you help buggers off and you never see them again, you will at the very least have managed to solidify your… Continue reading Help other people!

18 messiah tips in 3d World #142

I wrote a 5 page article with 18 tips for messiah studio for 3d World issue 142. The tips range from beginner to advanced level, and include video tutorials as well as start and end project files. Make sure you pick up a copy!

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Walker is our new walkcycle generator, exclusively for messiah:studio.

Autorig v2

The latest flavour of our Autorig plugin – v2.0 – is now included as standard with messiah. Here’s some videos on how it all works!

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