Soft Contact Deformer

Get the latest soft contact deformer for messiah:studio. Based loosely on Pixar’s ‘Acting with Contact’ white-paper and with some added tricks of our own. Get it now for the small donation of $40 to our beer fund!

The return simulation can be anything from immediately (0) to never (1), creating effects ranging from human skin, via bread dough, to snow.

Very useful for things like:
-A character pressing his finger against something.
-A character poking another character
-Dough effects
-Memory foam effects
-Water droplets
-Footsteps in snow
-Any contact that needs the surrounding area to react.


  1. That looks fantastic, could you share any of the details of how you did it, I am trying to code the same effect for my game engine but I cant figure out the collision side and how to determine the correct way to deform a point etc

    1. Hi Chris,
      I think it might be a tough one in a game engine, but here’s roughly what you need to do:
      1.Transform the point by the inverse of the matrix of the sphere
      2. Check if the transformed point is inside the sphere.
      3. Check all points if they are close to a point that is inside the sphere and define the distance.
      4. Move all those points based on the distance that they are from a point that is inside the sphere.

      1. 5. And transform back with matrix of sphere 🙂

        And guess what, if you scale your sphere it is actually ellipsoid collision and your TRS matrix takes care of it. How cool is that?

  2. The plug is just amazing. Easy to use and very simple.
    Of course it can be use to simulate a “”soft contact”” when a character touch an other one.
    But by tweaking the sliders and with some work, you can simulate a hard landing on a ground of a character for instance (shock wave + crater), or/and a character leaving a deep trace on the ground by sliding. Or even all of that at once.
    You can bake the result and add others “soft contact” simulation to go deeper in effect.
    You can simulate a water effect, like someting falling in.
    Just an incredible tool very effective with a big potential if you dig a little bit in.
    Thanks Vegard.

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