Grandmother’s Footsteps

Grandmother's Footsteps Title
“Grandmother’s Footsteps Is The Most Happy Thing You’ll See Today”Indie Statik

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Grandmother’s Footsteps is a traditional game taken into the digital era. Several players try to run up behind a person who has his back turned and then have to stand still when the person turns around. The game is known by many names and is played all over the world. “Statues” or “Red Light/Green Light” in the US. “Grandmother’s Footsteps” or “What’s The Time Mr.Wolf?” in the UK. “1,2,3, Soleil!” in France for example.

The game is played by tapping the corners of the screen rapidly to run, and holding the corner to stop.
The person who wins then controls the light.

If for any reason the game should freeze, tap the home button twice. Press and hold Grandmother’s Footsteps until the icons start to jiggle, then click the minus button on the icon.


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