Polygon article

The huge gaming website Polygon recently did a piece on a bit of technology I have developed to ease the character generation process in games. Be sure to check it out on the link below: http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/3/5863785/ubisoft-female-characters-assassins-creed-the-mandate

useful slug and Order brings top secret BAE Systems sketches to life.

BAE Systems wanted to create some animations showing off some of their previously top secret designs that never got off the ground. From the sketches we received of the various designs we collaborated with Order to produce full 3d animations displaying what the crafts would have looked and moved like, had they been made. A… Continue reading useful slug and Order brings top secret BAE Systems sketches to life.

Real Big Deal WIP

This is one of these Work in Progress personal animations that have a tendency to stay on the hard drive and just get fiddled with from time to time. Model and texture maps by Lee Perry Smith Infinite Realities LTD. http://www.ir-ltd.net/ Rigging, animation, shading and shader technical by Vegard Myklebust at useful slug. http://www.usefulslug.com Audio… Continue reading Real Big Deal WIP

Grandmother’s Footsteps released on iOS and Android

Get it on iTunes or Get it on Google Play Grandmother’s Footsteps plays as a party game, with each player tapping in one corner to make his character run, and holding to stand still when the person who’s it turns around. When one player wins, he then controls the pace for all the other players… Continue reading Grandmother’s Footsteps released on iOS and Android

Soft Contact Deformer

Get the latest soft contact deformer for messiah:studio. Based loosely on Pixar’s ‘Acting with Contact’ white-paper and with some added tricks of our own. Get it now for the small donation of $40 to our beer fund! The return simulation can be anything from immediately (0) to never (1), creating effects ranging from human skin,… Continue reading Soft Contact Deformer


DangleSmash is now available on the iPhone app store! Play as a Soviet space dog fighting off an alien invasion in our unique physics-based, turn-by-turn, smash-em-up. Check out screenshots videos and more here: http://www.danglesmash.com/

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useful slug announces DangleSmash

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LONDON, UK, OCTOBER 24th 2012 – useful slug announces DangleSmash for iOS and Android. DangleSmash is an upcoming game where you play as a Soviet space dog fighting off an alien invasion.

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Making EPIC

See examples of the work at: http://www.usefulslug.com/2011/09/plankton-invasion/ Over the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working on the rendering and effects side of Plankton Invasion, and in so doing I created a very extensive system that would go from A to as near Z without artist intervention in as many cases as possible… Continue reading Making EPIC

Help other people!

There are many reasons for why you should take the time to help out your peers in a professional or learning environment. Here are some motivators: One: Helping others helps you! If the person you help buggers off and you never see them again, you will at the very least have managed to solidify your… Continue reading Help other people!