How to apply motion capture to your characters in messiah – FREE!

This is a free tutorial for messiah showing you the basics of how to apply bvh motion capture to your characters quickly in messiah (about 7 minutes). There’s no audio commentary on this tutorial.

Click here to download this tutorial


  1. This was absolutely worthless. I’m just trying to learn Messiah and I have a mocap suite. Watching this without audio …. what is the point? And some of the other videos like the Walker one… you fly through clicking on things so fast plus you don’t say anything about what you’re doing half the time. If I knew enough to understand what you’re doing I wouldn’t need to watch your videos. I was going to purchase your Walker plugin but I would just be spending $100 and not know what to do with it anyway.


    1. Hi Daniel,
      sorry I’m so late to the party – I expect you have already figured this out, but for everybody’s reference :

      – right-click on the download link
      – left-click “Save Link As…”
      – save the link in your target directory
      – open the resulting .mp4 in your favourite player
      – stop/start/reverse/forward the video to your heart’s desire

      I can’t fix the audio but for what it’s worth, I watched about two minutes of the video and I am about to buy messiah:studio on the strength of it. I am a newcomer to 3D and I have done a LOT of research into a good tool for rigging and animation for games at a price I can afford and this is it!

      Best Regards,


  2. Thank you so much for making this, Vegard. I found this tutorial to very, very informative and helpful. I’m grateful you were willing to use your own time to record this tutorial and to share it with those of us who want to learn. You are awesome (AutoRig is a work of art, BTW).

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