This plugin can be run from scripts, the command line or an armature to create a key with more control over what type of key it should be.

Whereas the normal CreateKey function only gives you the option to select which object and frame the key should be created at, for instance CreateKey(CurObj,NOW) , this plugin allows you to set options such as which curve type the key should have and whether or not the new key should use the computed value.

Format: CreateBetterKey(object,frame,channel,curvetype,computed)

Channel is the number of the channel starting from 0 for xpos, 1 for ypos etc.

The curvetype is set by using the order they are listed under spline->curve in animate mode starting count on 0.

Computed keytype is 1 and normal key is 0.

So if you want to create a stepped key for the selected object on pitch at the current frame using computed values, the expression would be:


This plugin is among other things useful for creating instant IK/FK switching scripts.

Usage: Put the .mp in your messiahplugins directory. Run the function from a script, an armature or the command line

Download this plugin free of charge here

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