useful slug is pleased to present this new TensionMorpher deformer for messiah:studio. Below is a video tutorial on how to set it up. The deformer / weight tool combo uses the tension of the edges to find out if it’s being squashed or stretched, and performs a tangent space morph.

In the spirit of dare to share the deformer will be available for $100 $50 $20 for the first couple of weeks. Get it while it’s hot 😉


4 Responses to TensionMorpher for messiah:Studio!

  1. John Wiederhirn says:

    Does this plugin work with the “Mac” (Win-via-Chromium) version of Messiah? Are Mac installation instructions included?

  2. Vegard says:

    Yep, it works on my mac book air at least. If you have a mac that it doesn’t work on I’m happy to reimburse you. For the mac you have to put the files in /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Crossover Chromium/Bottles/chromium/drive_c/Program Files/pmG/messiahStudio5.0/messiah/plugins Just don’t try to say that path 10 times fast.

  3. James says:

    OK I am a bit confused now… I ordered but were do I download it? Or do you send it off later?

    Could not pass on this deal though thanks!

  4. James says:

    OK so it arrived in an email… bit impatient i guess! Thanks again.

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