Thanks for buying Autorigger!

Thanks for buying our Autorigger!

An email with receipt of your purchase will be sent to the email you provided at our paypal site.
You can download the autorigger by clicking here

Usage instructions:
1. Unzip the file directly into the root of your messiah directory. This is neccessary to make sure all the plugins and scripts end up in the right places. If you choose to place the files yourself, make sure all the .mp files in the plugins\ folder, and the .msa files the modules\scripts\ folder.
2. Launch messiah and load the AutoRigBase.fxs file.
3. Load your object file into messiah and add it to the bone deform effect.
4. Make sure your object is at the top of the item list so you can see the bones through the object.
5. In setup mode, re-adjust the bones so they fit your character.
6. In animate mode, hit the AutoRig button.
7. Weight your character to correct deformations.
8. Click the Character button to reveal the controls.
9. Animate.

You can see a video tutorial here it should be compatible with quicktime (right click to save as a file on your computer), if it’s not, try updating your copy of quicktime. It’s about 80 megabytes and 15 minutes long so be warned if you’re still on a 56k modem.

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