Thank you for buying TensionMorpher for messiah:studio!
You may now download the plug-in by clicking here
You will also receive an email with the link as soon as our system has processed the purchase.

Unzip the contents of the file into your messiah/plugins directory and restart messiah.
TensionMorpher should appear in the Effects list if correctly installed.

You may dowload a tutorial for how to set up the TensionMorpher by clicking here


2 Responses to Thanks for buying TensionMorpher!

  1. SaleVonGeist says:

    Thanks Vegard for this great plugin! Beautiful addition to MS and huge time saver. Bravo! 🙂

  2. Butch Arrington says:

    Thanks for the plug-in installation video. I really appreciate. I hope you consider adding a bit more functionality to this is the future that might allow it to be even more useful by having a “Muscle Option” for using the tension morpher to simulate muscles where muscle bones may not be the best solution. I also hope you choose to try a limited time “Dare to Share” type promotion of Walker in the near future it would be much appreciated.

    -Be Safe

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